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Doctor Doom’s Fearfall at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Marvel Superhero Island

Restrictions and access
52 inches; has Express Pass access and a single rider line.

Two sentence insider summary
Dr. Doom needs fear, and you have agreed to provide him with an unlimited supply by going on this attraction. Sit back and enjoy as you are thrust up one of the 200 foot tall towers and help Dr. Doom finally defeat the Fantastic 4.

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Fear factor
If you don’t mind getting shot into the air, 1 out of 5. If getting shot into the air terrifies you, 5 out of 5.

Wait times


What you wish you knew before you experienced it
Somewhat like the Incredible Hulk coaster, this ride looks much more intimidating than it really is. After the initial launch–which is truly quite a bit of fun–you are invited to take in spectacular views of the Universal theme parks and surrounding neighborhoods, including International Drive. If you are around in the evening, you should really do this one again.

OI fun fact
There are small stones in the pavement leading up to Dr. Doom’s Fearfall. Presumably these are all that is left of the Fantastic 4 after Dr. Doom dispatched our brave superheros with his powerful, fear-based weapon. And you helped!

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall – HD video

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Doctor Doom’s Fearfall – real guest reviews

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Doctor Doom’s Fearfall
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
 by Arlene J
A bit short!
Date Of Last Visit: 03/09/2014

I remember the first time I was tall enough to ride this, I was scared. I am NEVER scared to ride something, and when I was younger and shorter I would cry because I was too short and couldn't ride something.

Now the first time I got to ride this, I was actually nervous when I was seated... my brother had told me something like "you'll shoot up when the green gas starts flowing" and I was like "There's no green-" and then I was flown into the air... lol! It has such a great view of Islands (if you're seated on the right row).

The only downside to this ride is that it is way too short.

I love this ride! It is nice for getting a bit of fresh air... trust me! 🙂

 by Tara Jones
My favorite ride
Date Of Last Visit: 4/26/2014

Doom is my favorite ride at Islands of Adventure. I only wish it lasted a bit longer! The line is not usually very long, and there is a single rider line if you want to save some time, so I always make sure to ride this whenever we go. The anticipation of the upward thrust is part of the thrill for me. You just never know when that seat is going to take off into the sky! The feeling of weightlessness as you hit the zenith of the tower is the best feeling. I love it! Then you get to bounce up and down a few more times while taking in a spectacular view. I know a lot of people overlook Doom because it seems like just a basic drop tower. But I find it to be a pure adrenaline rush every time.

 by Alysha Rankin
Brilliant Ride!
Date Of Last Visit: 06/13

We absolutely love this ride! Often I have seen it compared to rides such as "Tower of Terror" and being slated due to not being as 'fearful' but this is still a brilliant ride for all of the family. Located in Marvel Island the ride gives a brilliant view of the rest of the parks, if you have time to look!

I think this ride is different to others due to the fast acceleration to the top. The anticipation for this is nerve wrecking but equally as fun. Another great feature of this ride is that usually the wait time is pretty low which can break up long queues on hot days!! Defiantly visit this ride!!!

 by Molly
The Anticipation is Killer!
Date Of Last Visit: March 21, 2014

I think a lot of people tend to overlook this because it isn't necessarily an "impressive" drop tower. I mean, there's some pretty ridiculous record setting towers elsewhere. However, I end up going on this one repeatedly on a trip because I love it. It's not necessarily the crazy drop that gets me, it's the anticipation in waiting. Occasionally one of the operators will talk on the mic and absolutely sike you out on when the ride is going to shoot up.

Of course, it's a pretty amazing view too. If it's a slow day or we have express passes, we usually request/wait for the side where you can see Hogwarts. It is definitely worth it! I definitely love it - although I wouldn't go waiting in any crazy queues for it.

 by Donnie
Great way to see the parks!
Date Of Last Visit: 10/19/2014

It's not your typical drop tower: Most will raise you up slowly and hold you for several seconds before dropping you. Doom shoots you up really fast then it slows down significantly from there. From there you "bounce" several more times, slowing down greatly each time until you come to a complete stop. It is a very fun ride, albeit not as thrilling as the Hulk next door, but still awesome.

Make sure you request a seat that is facing the park because it adds that much more to the ride to be able to see everything IOA has to offer high in the sky as opposed to seeing some hotels and roads.

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