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Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Surfside Inn and Suites: Public spaces

Endless Summer Resort – Surfside Inn and Suites: Never-ending fun in the sun

This page features an extensive photo gallery of the public spaces at Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Surfside Inn and Suites, one of two value hotels at Universal Orlando Resort.

Because Surfside Inn and Suites is the single most inexpensive resort at Universal, the theming isn’t always as pronounced as what one can find at, say, Sapphire Falls Resort or Portofino Bay Hotel, but there are still a lot of fun touches to be discovered nearly everywhere you look. A sun-and-surf vibe runs all throughout the property, with a particular emphasis on the ocean, helping to form the place where “the sun, surf, sand, and water meet.” Universal says that the hotel is “washed in the colors of nature” and evokes a coastal lifestyle, thanks in part to the vibrant color palette, the towering exterior murals, and the neighboring lake, which should provide some pretty spectacular views from Surfside’s rooms.

Surfside Inn and Suites – lobby

The big, open, and spacious lobby is meant to make guests feel as if they’ve entered the ocean’s depths, featuring “vibrant surf- and wave-like” designs, a sand-colored floor, sea glass-inspired couches, and a chandelier that is designed to resemble bubbles forming from the crash of a blue wave overhead.

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Surfside Inn and Suites – fitness center

Surfside Inn and Suites – Universal gift shop

Surfside Inn and Suites – game room

Surfside Inn and Suites – I-Drive garden

Located outside the perimeter fence that surrounds Surfside Inn and Suites, this little Universal-themed garden contains a collection of plants that have some kind of wink-and-nudge connection to the company, its movies, and/or its theme-park resort.

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