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Lost Continent at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

The Lost Continent is an island where ancient myths and legends become reality. Guests who dare to journey to the Lost Continent will step into a world of Greek gods, fearsome beasts, and archaic enchantments. The area includes Sinbad’s Bazaar, a Middle Eastern marketplace, and The Lost City, a ruinous Grecian city that is home to Gods of old. In the Lost Continent, guests have the opportunity to experience in the journey of Sindbad, dine in a grotto of the Gods, have a conversation with a Mystic Fountain, and embark on other primeval adventures.

20150806-_DSC6967Lost Continent at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Enjoy our photo gallery of the sights to see around this area of the park, followed by our interactive map. When you are ready to learn more, use the navigation links at the top or bottom of the page to explore the individual attractions.

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Lost Continent – map

Click any marker to display the attraction or venue name. To scroll or zoom, use the controls on the top-left of the map. You may also switch to different map views by using the buttons on the top-right of the map. The attractions and venues in Lost Continent have a light blue marker.

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Lost Continent