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Loews Royal Pacific Resort: Complete guide

Royal Pacific Resort: Your South Seas escape is waiting

Welcome to Orlando Informer’s coverage of Loews Royal Pacific Resort, one of three premier on-site hotels at Universal Orlando Resort. These pages include extensive information about the hotel as well as the largest full-screen, high-resolution photo archive of Royal Pacific available on a single website (over 200 images).


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Loews Royal Pacific Resort entrance sign


Royal Pacific Resort – general information

Kick back and relax under the swaying palm trees of a tropical paradise at Royal Pacific Resort. This AAA 4-Diamond award-winning hotel transports guests to the enchanted isles of the South Seas with lush landscaping, sparkling waterfalls, exquisite wood carvings, and a serene orchid court where the flowers are always in bloom.

  • Address: 6300 Hollywood Way, Orlando, FL 32819-7888
  • Phone: 407-503-3000; Fax: 407-503-3010
  • Official Loews website
  • Official Universal Orlando website
  • View this hotel using the OI custom-made Google map
  • Opened in June 2002
  • 1,000 rooms
    • 752 standard
    • 161 water-view standard
    • 36 club-level standard
    • 26 king suites
    • eight Jurassic Park kids’ suites
    • seven hospitality suites
    • two club-level king suites
    • three club-level hospitality suites
    • two Presidential suites
  • Rooms start at 335 square feet
  • Prices for standard rooms range between $269 and $474 per night
  • Guest rooms exude the warmth and charm of the Islands with bamboo accents, colorful linens of yellow and green, and furnishings that reflect the beauty of the tropics
  • Club level is located on the top floor (the seventh) of tower three and includes a 2,000-square-foot private lounge
  • Recreation
    • Dive-in movies: catch the movie of the week on a big screen poolside on select nights
    • Poolside activities: from ping pong tournaments, pool basketball, and beach volleyball to hula hoop contests and arts and crafts, you’ll find something fun to do poolside for the whole family
    • Shuffleboard, croquet lawn, and ping pong: the whole family can enjoy some friendly competition in one of these favorite recreational games
  • Special events
    • Wantilan Luau: savor the exotic tastes of the South Pacific and enjoy a musical journey through the Polynesian islands at Royal Pacific’s Wantilan Luau. Hula dancers, knife twirlers, and fire dancers delight the audience as you feast on a buffet of pit-roasted suckling pig, guava BBQ short ribs, tropical fruits, and desserts. Call 407-503-DINE (3463) for reservations and more information
    • Jake’s Beer Dinner: over four courses, enjoy select craft beers handpicked by award-winning chefs that are paired with specially-prepared entrees and dessert. Tickets are limited and include all taxes, gratuities, ticketing fees, and parking. Call 407-503-3200 for more information
  • Signature dining options
    • Islands Dining Room: a three-meal restaurant featuring character dining in the evening

Royal Pacific Resort mapRoyal Pacific Resort map


What’s with Royal Pacific Resort’s hotel classification?

When Royal Pacific Resort, Universal Orlando’s third on-site hotel, originally opened in 2002, there was only one resort category for it to fit into: deluxe, since that’s what its two brethren were, as well. It wasn’t until July 2015, when booking for the fifth venue, Sapphire Falls Resort, started up, that Universal decided to break all of its properties down into three brand-new classifications – with the surprise twist that Royal Pacific was the only one of the original deluxes to be “downgraded” to the middle tier, preferred. (Why was that surprising? Because Royal never stopped offering free Express Passes – Sapphire, the other preferred hotel, never did – and its room rates were never lowered.)

Royal Pacific Resort’s standing would change once again, this time in September 2018, when Universal quietly moved the venue from preferred back up to premier (the new designation for its deluxe properties). When we reached out to Loews to get an explanation as to why, this was the answer we received:

The change was made to align the Unlimited Universal Express benefit with our premier hotel category. Now, all the on-site hotels that offer complimentary Express are in the same category.


The story of Jake and Royal Pacific Resort

Loews published a blog post explaining the backstory of Jake, who is the namesake of Jake’s American Bar, and whose (fictitious) adventures in the South Pacific inspired the hotel’s theming.

Jake’s plane is one of the most popular “photo op” spots at Loews Royal Pacific Resort.

But what’s the story? Why’s there a plane parked out on the lagoon? And who’s Jake, anyway? Let us fill you in.

Crystal waters, swaying coconut palms, and the tranquil serenity of the South Pacific islands have always captured the soul of man. At Loews Royal Pacific Resort, the story of the Golden Age of Travel unravels, inspired by the transition from a time of the legendary, grand old steamliners to the eventual new and innovative age of air travel.

The exotic charm of the islands called out to Captain Jake McNally, a fictitious character who embodies the true spirit of the Golden Age of Travel, inspiring Jake’s American Bar. A highly-regarded master pilot and true leader, it was never a surprise to find the captain on his latest adventures as he island-hopped through the South Pacific. After a tumultuous break-up with his Hollywood starlet fiancée, Jake disappeared. No one exactly knows Captain Jake’s whereabouts today. Rumor has it he flies around to all the backwater dives of Southeast Asia.

But one thing’s for sure: his vibrant, adventurous spirit lingers. When you kick back, relax, and enjoy a few of Jake’s favorite drinks or celebrate at a Beer Dinner in Jake’s American Bar, take a look around and give a toast to his spirit of adventure that lives on today.

Aside from the actual story, what’s interesting here is that this is actually a different version of the story than the one told to people who work for Universal. It starts out the same, but they’re told that Jake actually fell in love and subsequently broke up with a native of the South Pacific, not a Hollywood star. In Jake’s despair over his lost love, he built Royal Pacific Resort as a shrine to her, so that he could live in America but always be surrounded by the South Pacific and reminded of his one true love.

We think we like the version told to Universal employees better.

In any case, definitely make a point of stopping by Jake’s American Bar, located downstairs from the hotel lobby, if not to eat and drink then at least to check out all the cool “memorabilia” from the legendary figure’s travels.


Universal Orlando’s on-site hotels – seasonal rates

Compare these numbers with our crowd level predictions to find the best time to stay on-site:

Aventura Hotel Cabana Bay Beach Resort Sapphire Falls Resort Royal Pacific Resort Hard Rock Hotel Portofino Bay Hotel
Value Season 1
Jan 7 – Jan 11, Jan 15 – Feb 15, Sep 3 – Sep 27, Nov 25 – Dec 20
From $144 From $144 From $199 From $274 From $314 From $329
Value Season 2
Aug 12 – Sep 2
From $154 From $154 From $204 From $284 From $324 From $339
Regular Season
Jan 12 – Jan 14, Apr 8 – May 24, May 28 – May 31, Nov 4 – Nov 20
From $164 From $164 From $214 From $309 From $349 From $359
Regular Season 2
Sep 28 – Nov 3
From $169 From $169 From $214 From $309 From $349 From $359
Summer Season 1
Jun 1 – Jun 16, Jul 29 – Aug 11
From $189 From $189 From $239 From $364 From $439 From $424
Summer Season 2
Jun 17 – Jul 28
N/A From $204 From $254 From $389 From $469 From $454
Peak Season 1
Feb 25 – Mar 8, May 25 – May 27, Nov 21 – Nov 24
From $204 From $204 From $259 From $374 From $449 From $444
Peak Season 2
Feb 16 – Feb 24, Mar 9 – Mar 22
N/A From $214 From $269 From $394 From $479 From $469
Holiday Season
Mar 23 – Apr 7, Dec 21 – Jan 5
From $244 From $244 From $314 From $479 From $549 From $544


Universal Orlando’s on-site hotels – cancellation policy

Since all six on-site hotels are operated by Loews, they all feature the same cancellation policy: if you cancel your reservation six or more days in advance, you will receive a full refund. If it’s anything fewer than five days beforehand, however, you will be charged one night’s room rate, plus tax.


Royal Pacific Resort – map

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